Ecclesiastical work by A.E.Jones Ltd

A.E. Jones Ltd made a significant amount of ecclesiastical silver and metalwork throughout the life of the firm. A.E. Jones was an active evangelist in the Church of England and his Sunday's were taken up with Sunday schools and bible classes.

At the start of his career, Jones was apprenticed to the ecclesiastical silversmith's Hardman Powells. The founder of Hardman Powells, John Hardman, was encouraged to start the production of ecclesiastical siver and metalwork by Augustin Pugin in the 1830's.

Shortly after the formation of A.E. Jones Ltd, Jones was able to combine his religious beliefs with his work as the firm started to specialise in ecclesiastical silver and metalwork. In 1905, the firm took over the trademark of St Dunstan, patron saint of goldsmiths.

Items of interest:

Paschal Candlestick, 1980's commission by Castle Acre Church, Norfolk

Special thanks to the Rectors and Churchwardens of Castle Acre - Norfolk for providing this information.

The Paschal Candlestick was commissioned from A.E. Jones Ltd in 1980 by the Castle Acre Parochial Church. The candlestick was commissioned in memory of a Churchwarden, George Sandle, who had served not only the church but the village for most of his life.

The initial design was drawn up by Alan Barlow who came from the Theatre and had been in his early life a member of the monastic order. Alan was a stage designer whose work ranged from Bellini at Covent Garden to Euripides in Ontario. Later in his life he became a painter and designer. The design was proposed to A. E. Jones Ltd and the letter shown below is the response from the firm, making some suggestions that were adopted for the final design.

The Paschal Candlestick in Castle Acre Church, Norfolk

A fascinating letter signed by A.E. Jones's son, Kenneth Crisp Jones, suggesting changes to the initial design by Alan Barlow. Note the St Dunstan trademark

The selected design for the Paschal Candlestick