Dark Bronze box with a laurel leaf and ribbon silver wire decoration and silver rosettes, circa 1905.

An almost identical box is shown on page 181 of the book "The Silversmiths of Birmingham and their Marks; 1750-1980". The box has the same laurel leaf and ribbon pattern silver wire decoration but it has a roundel and no rosettes. The box shown is made by A. E. Jones, circa 1905.

An identical box is shown on page 8 of the book "Collecting by Design: Silver & Metalwork of the Twentieth Century form the Margo Grant Walsh Collection". It is described as a copper and silver jewellery box with a velvet lining, circa 1900. The box is almost certainly dark bronze and the date of manufacture is most likely to be closer to 1905.

All images used courtesy of Jan Van den Bosch at Vandenbosch (www.vandenbosch.co.uk) 

Height = 3 1/4"
Length = 4 7/8"
Width = 4 7/8"