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Frank. W. Salthouse

Adding an article about Frank. W. Salthouse thanks to relatives who contacted me with some great information and images of pieces made by Frank when he worked for A.E. Jones.

Francis Leonard Temple

Added a new page all about F.L. Temple, one of Jones's key craftsmen, with some fantastic information supplied by members of his family.

F L Temple

Have just received some fantastic information on F.L. Temple from a friend of the Temple family. Many thanks! I plan to create a web page about F.L. Temple as soon as I can to share this story about a key worker from the early days of  A.E. Jones Ltd.

Caddy Spoons

Work in progress - just adding a section on Caddy spoons. Some superb pieces. Many images have come courtesy of Gary Bottomley -

Tea caddy and spoon on ebay

Did any see the copper and silver tea caddy with caddy spoon on ebay last week? It went for in excess of £1300 and was a cracking piece. If the new owner's out there I'd love to get some images to add to the site!

The Design Gallery

Added a new box courtesy of The Design Gallery who have three A E Jones boxes for sale at the moment. These include a pale bronze box with two Ruskin roundels (identical to box 1). One of the few A E Jones boxes with absolute provenance.

New section "History of Designs"

Just added a new webpage under Research. The new section provides information on the origin of many of the designs used by A.E. Jones Ltd. It tells the story of how a number of firms gradually grew up and purchased rights from each other using one distinctive design of inkwell. From Rathbone & Co, Faulkner Bronze Co, Jesson, Birkett & Co through to A.E. Jones Ltd.

General Update

Finally got around to updating the Candlesticks Gallery and Featured Candlesticks pages. I have also added an aditional copper box. Many thanks to both Amanda Ovenall and Meir Berk for sending me some great images and information on pieces they own - it's spurred me on to keep updating the website!


Currently updating the section on Candlesticks, including adding a new gallery. There were two pairs of A.E. Jones candlesticks up for auction this week. A pair of the 1911 bat motif candletsicks went for £2,200 and an earlier pair set with turquoise stones from 1904 went for £3,600!! Hoping to get a picture of these to add to the site. Seems as though there are a few other people out there interested in A.E. Jones!

Brief update on progress with the website. I'd like to start by thanking all of the dealers that have kindly allowed me to use images from the sites. Thanks also to those who sent me some great images specifically for the site. I have a wealth of information and images to add and I hope to expand the site greatly over the next few months. I hope to add more candlesticks, vases and other metalware. There will be a page on Caddy spoons so patc, if you're still out there, please sent me a photo of your spoon and I'll add it to the site. It's great to get some feedback from people on A.E. Jones pieces!

Hello and welcome!

I am keen to hear from other people who have collections of cigarette boxes or other metalware by A.E. Jones ltd. I am also happy to use the research I have done and the literature I have to help provide provenance on pieces where possible. It would be great to hear from other people who share a similar passion for this relatively obscure corner of the Arts and Crafts movement!

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